The Wealth Creator

For Private Practice Physiotherapy Businesses

Turn your business from an ‘Income Generator’, into a ‘Wealth Creation Strategy’

Position your business for a lucrative exit strategy or a long-term profitable hold position


‘The Wealth Creator’ Program is designed specifically for Private Practice Physiotherapy Businesses with multiple sites, or 7-figure single site, who want to position their business for maximal profitability and have all the key business components in place that improve the value of the business in the open market. Don’t wait or react to market conditions, take a proactive stance and position your business for either a long-term maximal profit position, or put in place the critical components that will maximize your business valuation in the open market.

Invest in “The Wealth Creator” and unlock the true potential of your business.

Automate – Scale – Wealth Creation

The Ultimate Wealth Creation Strategy for Larger Private Practices and Multi-Site Physiotherapy Businesses. The “Automate – Scale – Wealth Creation” framework is crafted to transform your business from an income-producing entity into a powerful wealth creation vehicle, offering the potential for a lucrative exit or a sustainable passive revenue stream.

If you’re prepared to elevate your business to unprecedented levels of success and profitability, your search ends here with “The Wealth Creator Program.” Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the full potential of your enterprise.

Whether your goal is a full exit or a desire to position your business for a long-term hold with maximal profits, implementing these crucial components will significantly expedite your journey, ensuring you reach your destination more swiftly and providing you and your family with lucrative prospects for the future.

Our approach is centered around supercharging your business, achieved through the automation of your operations, optimization of market penetration, and pinpointing the areas with the greatest potential for scaling. This strategic framework facilitates the integration of new opportunities and fosters a culture of success throughout your entire team, all with the ultimate aim of attaining the highest levels of success attainable for your business.

Invest in your business’s future by taking action today.


  • Optimize Deliverables
  • Remove Owner Reliance with Systemize Processes


  • Marketing Floodgates
  • High Performance Leadership Team

Wealth Creation

  • Profit Maximization
  • Increase Asset Value

The program is structured into three distinct phases, all running concurrently to forge a clear pathway leading to measurable outcomes aligned with the ultimate objectives of profit maximization and positioning your business as a highly desirable and marketable asset.


Optimize Deliverables while structuring for further growth.

  • Senior leadership alignment to “pursuing excellence in all things pertaining to private practice physiotherapy.”
  • Team cultural focus of delivering gold-standard clinical expertise within a patient-centered customer-service approach.
  • Defined and documented standards (Elite Service Model and Concierge-service integration)
  • KPI, KPA and financial tracking (Management Information System)
  • Build on the current success factors that the business was founded on

Remove Owner Reliance

  • Systemize through processes and procedures that enable quality deliverables in all business sectors.
  • An academy development for a gold-standard protocol driven service.
  • CPD to ensure defined deliverables met for the leadership, clinical and support teams.
  • Performance-coaching and program-alignment to optimise clinical, customer-service and commercial deliverables throughout all operational aspects.
  • Senior team trained to deliver the programs.


Marketing Floodgates – penetrate each market segment as aligned to business nuances.

  • Developing and embedding your USP
  • A full marketing audit through the marketing matrix
  • Internal Marketing prioritized.
  • Creation of an automated annual marketing calendar with fully developed campaigns and promotions
  • Marketing tracking and analysis

High Performance Leadership Team

  • Procedures embedded to allow quality deliverables at every patient touch point and at every business transaction, without the business owners needing to be present.
  • Transition business owners into a minimum of a 2/2/3 work week.
  • Review of business processes to identify opportunities for refinement and/or automation.
  • Onboarding Management team.

Wealth Creation

Profit maximization

  • Staff recruitment and retention programs to optimise staff saturation, profit and growth.
  • Quarterly reviews of financial metrics as aligned to KPIs and KPAs to ensure operations are being optimized.
  • Operations embedded to allow quality deliverables at every patient touch point and at every business transaction, without the business owners needing to be present

Increase Asset Value

  • KPI analysis and optimization to enhance EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest Tax Depreciation and Amortization)
  • Leveraging your team to maximize revenue streams.
  • Stress testing operational independence with the owners removing themselves from all business operations for a 2 week and then 6-week period, to identify any pitfalls in systems, processes or procedures that prevent autonomous operations.
  • Identification of business sale options and current valuation

Join our program and experience the same proven success as our past clients.

Business 1:

A New Zealand business positioned for an exit strategy grew from 10,000 treatments annually to 33,600, Revenue growth from $650k to $2.8M.

Business 2:

An Australian practice with 2 partners who wanted to position themselves to retire started working with PBG with a profit of 200k and after working with PBG grew to $350k, more than doubling their business value, using EBITDA valuation method.

Business 3:

A physiotherapy speciality had been in existence for many years and had been given an offer to sell to a corporate for asset value of $150k. However, after working with PBG underwent tremendous growth increasing full time clinicians from 5 to 28 with over 500% growth and sold for a multi-7-figure amount.

Business 4:

Helped an Australian business add a $500,000 profit center and create an exit strategy for retirement.

Business 5:

We’ve helped take a UK business from start-up to £1M+ turnover, creating an unexpected 7 figure valuation for the business.

Business 6:

We have helped a large single site NZ practice to grow from $700k profit to a 7-figure profit in 2 years with a profit margin of over 30%.

Let us support you through the same structures and strategies that have proven successful time and time again.

The Wealth Creator

“The Wealth Creator” is structured to align all key stake holders towards a clear long-term business strategy and provide support for the founders, MD, CEO and the senior leadership team.

Support the Founder/MD/CEO

  • Bespoke 12-month action plan based on, interviews with key stake holders, full business diagnosis and key metrics analysis.
  • Quarterly 2-hour review session with (John Davie – Physio Business Growth Founder).
    • Review of ¼ KPI’s and accounts
    • Review of operational process improvement
    • Set 3-month plan.
  • Review of current KPI and financial metrics tracking
    • Identify and rectify revenue leakage components of business.
    • Identify where the greatest growth potentials exist.
    • Identify new profit centre potentials.
  • Review of business processes to identify systems that require refinement, implementation and/or automation.

Support the Senior Leadership Team

  • Monthly implementation sessions with the Physio Business Growth team. These can be with any relevant member(s) of the business.
  • 4 additional implementation sessions with the Physio Business Growth team, with designated members for support projects.
  • Senior Leadership training from the Physio Business Growth team
  • Cultural alignment for fast-paced growth, including defined and customized cultural guidelines based on your business ethos and ethics.
  • KPI analysis and optimization, through performance coaching program
  • New graduate training program specifically designed for private practice.
  • Academy creation specific to business nuances, desires and expertise
  • Staff retention program

Provide Long Term Business Strategy

  • Leveraging your team and existing expertise to boost growth and/or scale.
  • Identification of business sale options and current valuation
  • Embedding the key functions and deliverables that enhance business valuations for an exit strategy or long-term hold and operate (with greater profit and less operational time requirements)

“The Wealth Creator” program, meticulously crafted for large physiotherapy practices and multi-site businesses. Our program is strategically designed to elevate profitability, cultivate wealth, and establish a structured path for either a successful exit strategy or a long-term ownership scenario. With our program in place, your business will thrive, delivering gold-standard services at every patient touchpoint, all while operating seamlessly without the founder needing to be the sole driver of success.