Client Success

Paul Goss

Body Logic Health UK

Physio Business Growth has changed my mindset towards business. The step by step stages and processes not only transformed my business, but the way I view my business. 

The solutions and process put in place are drawn from knowledge obtained from around the world, meaning market leading opportunities for your business. 

John has an uncontrollable enthusiasm that helps drive every project you work on and so we have achieved more this year than in the previous three, and there is more to come. 

Pam Reynolds

On Balance Physiotherapy NSW

I was stuck as a solo operator for over 10 years and didn’t know how to expand, working over 50 hours a week plus doing a lot of the admin work as well. 

I now have 7 therapists working for me and I now no longer have to work, knowing that my business still makes a profit. 

My business worth, as a sellable asset is now many times more and I’ve now got a great retirement option.

Francis & Phil

Southside Physiotherapy Sydney

We’d been in partnership for 26 years and had stagnated. 

We realised the market was changing fast and were concerned we weren’t keeping up. We lost a clinic due to a corporate takeover outside of our control. 

Last month we had a personal best month – up $10k.



Ashlee has put in place the structures to grow her business, in particular with recent success in implementing Clinical Pilates, making 16k in new revenue per month.


Momentum Physio

Dave and his business partner Liron have worked to improve their vision and culture and are now on track to have the business they always wanted.

Mary & Pete

North Parramatta Physio

Mary & Pete moved to running their clinic more as a business, particularly through better use of KPI’s and have seen a substantial growth in their profit.

Laurie Moore

Muscle People NZ

I’ve increased my business volume 271% ($833k) and I now have the structures in place that means I’m tracking for a 300% increase in pure profit in this next financial year!

In short, this is the stuff that works right now!

Doug Bryant

Hand Rehab New Zealand

I’ve grown from 7 to 15 full time equivalents and added 1,000 treatments a month. 
I’ve personally gone from working as a clinician 50+ hours a week to only working when I choose to and more importantly I’ve added $500k profit.

Cameron Bulluss

Advanced Physiotherapy NSW

We added 20% growth in 1 year. 
The most influential addition to our business in 20 years.