Business Diagnostic

How would you like a breakdown of all your Physio Business’s strengths and weaknesses, without the cost of hiring a professional consultant?

  • Used by elite physio private practice owners across the world
  • Pinpoint the key areas that are keeping your physio business from rapid and massive growth
  • Come back from these uncertain times better, stronger, and more prepared to become the premier private practice in your area

What does it involve?

In Depth Analysis

  • Over 100 questions
  • Most detailed physio specific business analysis in the world


  • Benchmark your business against leading clinics across the world
  • Use the tool to revaluate your progress on a regular basis

Detailed Report

  • Automatically receive a detailed report based on your answers
  • Identifies your strengths, as well as areas for development


“This process is almost certainly going to help me become a much more effective owner / leader. It brings out all the things I need to work on. Fantastic.

How will this help me?

Analysis is key

You would not treat patients without first performing an analysis. The same principle should apply to working ‘on’ your business. This diagnostic can identify your blind spots and growth opportunities. “You don’t know what you don’t know”.

Remove the zero’s

All of the questions you answer are on a scale of 1-5. Areas where you score zero will help you to identify the biggest gaps in your business.

Clarity and focus

One of the biggest challenges as a business owner is what to do with your most precious resource, time. The clarity provided by the report you receive, will allow you to focus all of your time and energy wisely. Importantly it will identify where you are likely to get the biggest rewards and remove any uncertainty you might have.