Our Ethos

We believe that physiotherapy is one of the most personally rewarding businesses to be involved in. We make a significant impact on people’s health, we positively influence family dynamics, and we do immeasurable good in our communities. However, we are nowhere near remunerated well enough for the good work that we do. Physio Business Growth exists to rectify this.

Our mission is to see physiotherapy businesses run more effectively, profitably and with greater perceived value in the community.

As part of this mission, we aim to hold three key principles close to everything we do:

1. Integrity

It is hugely important to us that everything we do and everything we advise our clients to do, is done with integrity. This relates to both maintaining integrity of the profession and also integrity of service delivery to clients.

2. Honesty

We believe that the only way to progress as individuals and as a business is complete honesty and transparency. As a result, we will always be honest with you about your business, your staff and how to progress.

3. Value

Whether you are accessing our free content or working in our elite programmes, we want you to feel that we have provided value and impact, at every point of contact, from written content, to our video training and live support.

John Davie

John Davie is the CEO of Physio Business Growth. He comes from a business and sports background. John is considered an international business authority in Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy Business Development. He mentors numerous business owners around the globe.

  • Sports MedicineQualified as a physiotherapist, John created Australasia’s largest single physiotherapy facility, which according to the national health insurance company, was twice the size of the next biggest NZ physio business and was created in only a 3-year time frame.
  • PresenterJohn has presented in numerous countries for the Oceania National Olympic Committee, various sports medicine organizations and various business groups. He covers topics on sports medicine, strength and conditioning and business in general.
  • Strength and Conditioning SpecialistJohn also qualified as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association of America and developed a sports training business for elite athletes for numerous NZ sports teams and associations.
  • AuthorJohn has published a book titled “Marketing: The Heartbeat of your Business” specifically written for allied health businesses, as well as a motivational book currently being written, titled “The Transferable Characteristics of Elite Sport into Life”.

    In association with Wayne Smith (past All Black coach & assistant coach) John featured in a video titled ‘The Magnificent Sevens’ on training for elite sport with specific focus on Sevens Rugby.
  • AthleteAs an athlete John represented New Zealand in Water Polo for over a decade, won medals at the New Zealand Surf Lifesaving Championships, and was a titleholder in the Canterbury Long Distance Swimming Championships.
  • CoachJohn has also coached at elite levels in water polo, rugby union, rugby league and Canoe Polo. He also spent time coaching in the field of swimming for people with disabilities. In the area of strength and conditioning, John has worked with men and women in the sports of rugby union, rugby league, netball, hockey, softball, water polo and touch football.

Michael Nicol

Michael has worked alongside John for the last 3 years, helping to transition towards more online resources, and enhance the customer experience, of those joining the Physio Business Growth Programmes. He also assists with individual accountability/implementation sessions and group Q&A sessions.

In 20 years of experience in physiotherapy and rehabilitation (15 years working in Private Practice and 7 years as a university lecturer), he has been involved in setting up 3 clinics from scratch as well as turning a clinic making a significant loss into a profit within 12 months. He has presented and lectured internationally in the areas of rehabilitation and movement screening for over 10 years.

As a result, Michael has an excellent understanding of both the UK and International physiotherapy market, but also the specific components required to build a successful physio business, at a clinical and management level.

He lives in Norfolk, UK with his wife and three children. Currently, he works in private MSK practice, alongside his role helping to increase the exposure of Physio Business Growth and HPS in the UK and Ireland.

Michael has been involved in sport both on a personal and professional level having played county hockey and tennis. His real passion is for golf where despite a young family just manages to hold on to a single figure handicap. Professionally, he has worked in elite sport in rugby, football and rowing.

Michael is passionate about raising the perceived value of Physiotherapy. “I believe that physio as a profession is undervalued. I believe that by improving the consistency of service, raising the public perception and focusing on delivering a Pain to Performance pathway that the perceived value of physio can be significantly enhanced.