Premium Business Accelerator

Want to take your business to the next level but need help getting there?

Are you:

  • In need of greater consistency of new patient numbers
  • Looking for improved structure to monitor and performance coach your staff
  • Struggling to recruit, retain and motivate staff to work to your approach
  • Lacking true profitability
  • Wanting to grow, scale and turn your business into a saleable asset

This online training resource is all you need to grow your profit and create the systems, to allow you the owner, to have the work life balance you deserve.

How will it help my business?


  • It’s simple. Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity
  • Every business can grow their profit with the right plan
  • Marketing strategies with an effective Annual Marketing Calendar
  • Higher saturation rates for your clinicians

Consistency of service

  • Higher patient satisfaction
  • Gold standard service at every patient touch point
  • Achieving this through clinical and customer service pathways, KPI’s and performance coaching
  • Embedding the latest cutting-edge trends and evidence-based protocols from around the world directly into your business

Enhanced Culture

  • Staff that want to work for you and perform to your standards
  • New staff looking to join your team
  • A place where staff are excited to work and want to do more
  • Systemised performance coaching for all team members

Personal Freedom

  • Do the clinical hours that you want to do with the patients you want to see
  • The ability to take 3 days off without constantly worrying about the business
  • Take long holidays from the business without a dip in performance and revenue
  • An efficient system of tracking the Key Performance Indicators (that matter) and knowing how to shift them

What does it include?


A complete analysis of your business strengths and opportunities for growth and development

90 Day Game Plan

A process for clear and actionable priorities taken from your diagnostic that guides your learning and provides complete clarity


Learn our 9-step process to take your business to the next level including personal effectiveness and business strategy

Our Business ‘Blueprint’

Clarity on the 8 key components that we have identified as the winning factors in all high performing physio businesses

100+ lessons, 75+ downloads & 50+ videos

Content structured into the 8 components of our Blueprint and your Game Plan. Allowing you and your team to stay focused on the content you need with ease.

Lifetime Access

Once you have signed up you have access for life. Nothing more to pay, plenty to learn!

Coaching Support Options

Alongside the Premium Business Accelerator online programme, we want to provide ongoing support, guidance and accountability. This is achieved through one of the following two options:


Group Support

  • 4 strategy sessions over a 12 month period
  • Weekly 1 hour group calls
  • Ask questions regarding any aspect of the programme implementation
  • Benefit from the experience of business owners from around the world
  • Personal point of contact to maintain accountability

Fast Track Programme

  • 10 coaching sessions (strategy and implementation) with John Davie
  • Personal review of your business diagnostic
  • Bespoke 90-day Game Plan
  • Participate in weekly group hotseat sessions