The PBG Roadmap to Success

We’ve spent the last 35 years analysing what the best of the best physio businesses do worldwide, and as a consequence developed the ‘complete physio blueprint’ which incorporates the 8 key pillars that we’ve identified every elite high performing clinic implements, globally.

Not only do we understand what makes a great clinic, but we have a 9-step “Profit Optimiser Roadmap.” This proven system unfailingly creates elite high performing and prosperous businesses, which operate independently from the owner needing to be present.

I’m sure you’re aware, building a prosperous and thriving private practice physiotherapy business is a challenge for many people.

There are 2 main reasons why physio business owners struggle in this area:

  • A lack of business knowledge or acumen
  • An awful lot of physio owners are suffering from stress, information overload and purely overwhelmed. There are a huge variety of activities to choose from, and too much information leads to action paralysis, and no one has given them a clear path from A to B. From struggle street to success.

Some physios wonder why some very average clinicians create thriving businesses while some tremendously talented clinicians, struggle to create business success?

It has nothing to do with clinical skills and everything to do with your business acumen. It’s knowing what to do in what sequence. We are not taught the business skills to operate a thriving, prosperous and growing business.

Not having these skills leads directly to the second problem, which is doing too many things, running from one activity to the next and being all things to everyone as we stumble from one business activity to the next, not completing any of them to any high-quality standard.

Here is the secret: it is not about doing more, it is about doing ‘different.’ It’s about changing what you are doing and replacing it with activities that build long-term profitable structures, that provide outstanding clinical results and commercial success.

I’d like you to consider this question: Do you think in 5 years’ time, a newly qualified graduate could come out and make a significant impact in their market? Well, of course they could, because I know I did, and I’ve worked with a number of others who have done this as well. If that’s the case, why can’t that person be you? Right now, you know a lot more than any new graduate who is coming into the market.

The real magic is in knowing what to do, in what sequence and having the time to do it.

We all have the same amount of time, it’s what we do with that time they’ll determine how successful we are.

The Physio Business Growth Roadmap outlines how to get from where you are now, to a position where your business is functioning with an optimised profit and allowing you to live the lifestyle you set out to achieve when you first set up in business. It’s a proven pathway from A to B, regardless of where you currently find yourself, going from being overworked and under paid to growing with clarity and certainty towards a position of maximised profitability and owning a business that operates whether you are present or not.

This is not a theory.  After years and years of working with private practice physiotherapy business owners all around the world, we’ve found this to be the perfect journey that practice owners should be aiming for.

There are three phases in the roadmap:

  1. Analyse
  2. Structure
  3. Scale

The analyse phase takes you from being overwhelmed and stuck, through to a strategic plan and is made up of 3 steps which’ll give you the insights necessary to set in place the foundations so you can grow with speed and confidence.

The first step is a business diagnostic. This puts you in a position of clarity pertaining to your specific business strengths, weaknesses and where the greatest opportunities lie. This will show you what is missing and what to work on, in what order. It’ll allow you to develop actionable, prioritized steps and activities, so you can work with confidence, one step at a time, knowing you are progressing towards your end goal without that feeling of being overwhelmed by doing too many activities at once.

The 90-day productivity stack is a unique action plan, designed to accommodate the priorities identified in the diagnostic and create a “bespoke game plan” specific to your business, your aspirations and your needs. It’ll remove the uncertainty of what to do and takes the guess work of where to spend your time for the greatest results.

Step 3 is, embedding the 2-2-3 structured work week into your business, to take you from being time poor, due to your hectic and overworked lifestyle, to a structure that’ll allow you to grow and prosper with confidence and certainty.

The 2nd phase is what we call the “Structured Growth Phase” – these 3 steps will help you to build with a new-found confidence and power, embedding a “positive-growth-mindset and culture” throughout the whole team, who are open and excited about being part of a united team delivering gold-standard service and for their own personal growth.

Once you’ve embedded this phase, you’ll start to see significant growth opportunities and experience soaring profitability along with significant increases in patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes due to this integrated team first approach.

The 1st step in this phase is the “Cultural Matrix” which dives deeply into leadership, communication and cultural development, which’ll help you create a winning and unified high-performance team that’ll set you apart from your competitors.

The 2nd Step in the Structure phase is the Profit Optimizer which is making sure you are working on the activities, in the right order to maximize your results while at the same time keeping the main thing – the main thing – which is producing a profitable business, that operates independently from your physical presence.

This will help you initially plug the holes where any significant revenue leakage is occurring and then you’ll be ready to build to your strengths and reap the profitability you deserve.

The Concierge treatment model is the 3rd step in the structure phase. It’s here where customer service and clinical expertise meet, to deliver outstanding service at every patient touch point. This one component alone can transform businesses to giddying heights of growth, turning patients into raving fans.

The final Phase is the “Scale” phase which focuses on rapid and sustainable growth, by focusing on leveraging your expertise and business attributes.

Think about it from this perspective,

  • You’ve now got all your service deliverables happening and a high quality
  • It’s then important to track and measure every outcome and patient service deliverable. This tracking allows you to identify what’s working well and what’s not.
  • You’ll be able to leverage the skill sets from those team members who are producing fabulous results, by creating and embedding gold-standard protocols and processes, while simultaneously performance coaching those who are under-performing up to the gold standards service deliverables you’ve identified and defined for your business.

Once this is under control its then time to open the marketing floodgates by utilizing the marketing matrix and penetrate deeply into every patient target market you have identified, taking you from scarcity to absolute abundance.

We use our marketing matrix as a mechanism of identifying every online, internal, or external marketing opportunity that exists for each of your target markets.

From here we can develop an annual marketing calendar to ensure you are maximizing your marketing potential to every target market you’ve identified.

The last step is utilizing your team’s expertise and those with outstanding cultural attributes and skill sets, to duplicate and expand your business operations, taking your business from an income producing entity, into a wealth creation strategy, where your business becomes a sought-after and valuable asset.

This is a brief overview on a very important topic. For a more in-depth understanding take advantage of our free video training
Physio Business Growth Roadmap