Marketing Matrix


Our Marketing Matrix is the true Momentum Builder when it comes to identifying the ideal target market and creating campaigns and strategies that drive predictable patient numbers.

I want to ask you a question and I want you to think hard before answering it.

Are you a Health professional that happens to make sales, or are you a professional marketing and sales organisation that happens to be a physiotherapy business?

These are two totally different things when it comes to business success.

The Marketing Matrix is the initial step required to be able to produce outstanding results, to the right market, at the right time. This is through the right medium with the message that most resonates to them.

Physiotherapists are highly skilled clinicians, however we have no training when it comes to running the business side of things.

The Marketing Matrix is the cornerstone of creating a significant platform where your marketing is covered and performing to it’s potential. It’ll allow you to turn on and off your marketing strategies with confidence. Allowing you to know with certainty the results each strategy and campaign will produce.

There is a three-step process which under lies all marketing.

Categorise and characterise your ideal target market (who are they and what do they look like):

    1. Patients
    2. Existing and potential referrers, key people of influence and affiliates
    3. Identify the ideal strategies to maximise the impact for each target market. Create the campaigns, use the techniques that attract the right people and reduces the resistance for them to take action.
    4. Test, measure and refine each campaign to create evergreen strategies that are embedded into an annual marketing calendar.

How to use the Marketing Matrix

There are three target market categories that require consideration if we are to have a thriving, growing and profitable business.

  1. New Patients: This is made up of patients in your existing database and new patients who haven’t used your services before.
  2. Referrers: Key people of influence who through their position have an influence over a larger number of people. This may include GPs, medical specialists, employers, other allied health professionals, sports organisations and more (In this marketing matrix we will only be demonstrating GPs, sports organisations and employers).
  3. Staff: It is important to be able to recognise your ideal staff member. Create strategies to retain high-value staff members and be able to obtain fast results when recruiting new ones. Always consider the real cost to your business when a highly valued staff member leaves regarding recruiting on onboarding time.

There are three methodologies, in each of the categories:

  1. Internal marketing (within your practice)
  2. External marketing and relationship building
  3. Digital & online marketing strategies.

Go through each category in downloaded page and tick the boxes of missing activities, or existing strategies that need improvement.

Completing our Marketing Matrix will enable you to establish any missing opportunities, when applied, will grow your numbers.


Ineffective marketing is an inhibitor of success. Marketing is not part of our physiotherapy training and this task may seem daunting for some. However, please go through the process knowing that “Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was built”. The objective is to identify the most effective campaign strategies for each of your target markets and then build them over time. It is important to stay focused on building one task at a time and doing it well.

Focus first on what will produce the best results, test, measure, refine and repeat. Repeat this process, at appropriate intervals, until it is producing the results desired.

Download the Market Matrix Cheat sheets HERE