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Mary & Pete moved to running their clinic more as a business, particularly through better use of KPI's and have seen a substantial growth in their profit.

Mary & Pete
North Parramatta Physio

Dave and his business partner Liron have worked to improve their vision and culture and are now on track to have the business they always wanted.

Momentum Physio

Rob has gone from working 70 hours a week to working less hours with more structure and focus on running the business.

Total Care Physio

Ashlee has put in place the structures to grow her business, in particular with recent success in implementing Clinical Pilates, making 16k in new revenue per month.


Paul was stuck knowing that he had to work 'on' the business but working 30 hours a week clinically. He now works 10 hours a week clinically and as a result has seen significant growth.

Body Logic Health

Rod went from being frustrated with staff retention and a lack of profitability. Since working with PBG he has seen growth in profit and staff stability whilst removing himself from the business day to day.

Forster Tuncurry Physio

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About John Davie

CEO & Founder of Physio Business

I come from an elite sports and business background, having represented my country for over 13 years as a player and then going on to coach several different sports to an elite level in both New Zealand and Australia.

I've spent the last 35 years studying both success principles and the underlying ideologies, strategies and nuances that create Physiotherapy business success.

Why I'm different from other coaches

  • I didn't become a business coach because I "couldn't wait to get out" of the hands-on aspect of the profession. I loved being a clinician and then seeing the difference I could make to my patients. I found it incredibly rewarding from a personal perspective. If it wasn't for a health issue, I would still be a clinician.
  • I created New Zealand's largest practice in a 3-year timeframe, which grew to twice as big as New Zealand's next biggest within a 5-year period. If I had my time over again, would I do it the same way? Heck no, I'd do it a lot faster. I learnt a lot along the way, and it is my mission to pass this wisdom on to others.